Alumni » Yitzhak and Miriam Musayev. Associate Director, Financial and Investment Services Jewish Communal Fund

Yitzhak and Miriam Musayev. Associate Director, Financial and Investment Services Jewish Communal Fund


Yitzhak and his wife Miriam (nee Zavulunov, BHI Alumna – Class of ’99) reside with their 5 children in Midwood Brooklyn.

With an MBA in Finance and a prestigious career in the field, Yitzhak Musayev is amongst the thousands of accomplished BHI alumni who make his teachers proud. A loving husband and devoted father, Yitzhak and his wife Miriam are raising a beautiful Jewish home in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. Yitzhak has been active in establishing a synagogue in Midwood specifically geared to young Bukharian families. This is actually a tradition in the Musayev family dating back some 150 years. Yitzhak’s great-great-uncle, Rabbi Shlomo Moussaieff - a wealthy banker from Bukhara – settled in Israel in the late 1800s and started a Bukharian shul in Jerusalem, To this day, it is known as the Moussaieff Shul in the Old City. Carrying on this family legacy came naturally to Yitzhak.

Yitzhak’s achievements are a credit to his multifaceted strength and talents, his driven passion and strong work ethic. They are also a tribute to those who believed in him back when he first entered the portals of BHI back in 1996.


Here’s Yitzhak’s BHI story in his own words:

We were pretty much a typical, traditional Bukharian family that immigrated to New York in 1996. My parents were fortunate to meet up with Rabbi Avraham Reich, who recommended and assisted in placing me in Be'er Hagolah Institutes.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin German, and the Rabbis and the teachers at BHI gave me the foundation that I needed to succeed both as a Jew and as an American, for which I am eternally grateful. Without Be'er Hagolah, I probably would have ended up in a public school. Perhaps, I would have ended up with a career but with no Jewish life – which to me is a life without reaching your full potential. Back then, Be’er Hagolah was a vision – an initiative with great aspirations.

Today Be’er Hagolah is a remarkable success story with proven results. Be'er Hagolah’s mission remains the same. This mission is perhaps even more critical today, when the Jewish people are struggling to determine their identity. Hashem has blessed me with a beautiful family, a stable career and a closeness to my Jewish tradition. 

The best way I can show my appreciation is to help another child succeed in Be'er Hagolah just as I did. As a Be'er Hagolah alumnus, I’m happy to fund a partial and maybe even a full scholarship to kids in need and encourage all alumni to do the same.