Boys' Middle School

As students advance to middle school grades, we focus on development of skills, maturity and responsibility. Rebbeim and staff at BHI promote safe and healthy interaction among students, as well as a good dose of Jewish pride. Our Judaic Studies curriculum includes Chumash, Mishna, Gemara and Jewish Laws and customs. Both Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions are included in our program, thereby giving each student the opportunity to understand and grow with his heritage. The General Studies department follows NY State Common Core standards, preparing them for the rigors of high school. Educational trips enhance the school experience, as we strive to give each student the ability to reach his potential.
    • Science and Computer Labs
    • BBQ
    • Holiday/Chagim Events
    • Shabbatonim
    • Basketball team
    • Science Fair
    • Trip to Shaatnez Lab
    • Trip to Sofer Stam              
Boys Middle School
Boys Middle School