Alumni » Tanya Rosen. Founder, Nutrition by Tanya, Shape Fitness, TAP food line

Tanya Rosen. Founder, Nutrition by Tanya, Shape Fitness, TAP food line


The name Tanya Rosen is somewhat of household word today, famously known for the popular Nutrition by Tanya program, Shape fitness DVD’s and the TAP line of diet foods. Tanya, a successful entrepreneur, generously shares her success with her alma mater, Be’er Hagolah Institutes. 5% of all proceeds from Tanya’s TAP product line are donated to Be’er Hagolah. But back in 1991, when Tanya’s mother, a newly arrived immigrant, came to register her at Be’er Hagolah, paying tuition was not even an option. It was either a free Jewish education or public school. Thanks to Be’er Hagolah’s policy of never turning away a child for financial reasons, Tanya has become who she is today.

Tanya holds a master’s degree from Brooklyn College, as well as many specialty certificates such as pre and post natal fitness and nutrition, sports nutrition, cognitive behavioral therapy for emotional eaters and working with special populations such as children, senior citizens and athletes.

Tanya is also the creator of the first ever kosher workout DVD series called Shape Fitness Kosher Workout, created for women and girls bringing her best workouts to the comfort of people’s homes. Always a writer, Tanya enjoys writing for the Jewish Press and Binah Magazine, as well as working on her future book. 

Tanya Rosen

In Tanya’s own words:

 “For me Be’er Hagolah wasn’t just a school; it was, and still is, an integral part of my life. I came to Be’er Hagolah in the fifth grade, without knowing much about my heritage. My daughter, Shaina, is just about that age today. But things like Shabbos Brachos, Tznius – these are all second nature to her. This is all a result of Be’er Hagolah. Be’er Hagolah helped me make the right choices when choosing the path of my life, and thanks to Be’er Hagolah my children today don’t need a school like that to help them make the right choices.

It’s now almost twenty years since I graduated from Be’er Hagolah, but for my friends and me, the connection with the school and with the teachers is still there. Be’er Hagolah literally molded us into who we are today. Our confidence, our personalities and the relationships we maintain to this day were all forged at Be’ere Hagolah. I actually believe the “personable” factor that is such as hallmark of the Nutrition by Tanya brand – despite the fact that we are spread over so many locations with such a large number of clients –  can all be traced to the character that was instilled in me at Be’er Hagolah.”