Martin Farbenblum High School for Girls

At Be’er Hagolah Girls’ High School we are committed to motivate and energize our students to excel in academics, as well as personal growth. While providing individualized attention to each student, our dedicated staff encourages them to ask questions, grow intellectually and develop their talent and potential. As a result, they gain confidence and value their responsibility as future mothers of Am Yisrael, the Jewish people, while pursuing careers of their choice. Our Judaic course of study is comprised of both textual and lecture study, such as, Chumash, Navi, Yahadut, Jewish history and Tefillah. Subjects are highlighted by inspiring programs and trips throughout the year.
In our General Studies department, we prepare our students for the future by offering a Common Core curriculum supported by superior multi-level STEM instruction culminating in NY State accredited Regents and Advanced Regents diplomas. Students utilize our Science and Technology labs and enjoy extra-curricular art classes, physical education and public speaking. Our Alumni Leadership Program gives our students a unique opportunity to connect with alumni who can become their mentors. Our students continue their education in institutes of higher learning and universities and pursue prestigious careers. We take pride in our graduates who combine their academic achievement with a true sense of commitment to Torah values and traditions, in order to become upright, productive and active members of their communities.
            Girls High School
    • ​Science and Technology Labs and FairsGirls High School
    • Monthly Speaker Forums
    • Museum Visits
    • College and Career Advisement
    • Holiday/Chagim Events
    • Chesed and Community Involvement
    • Shabbatonim hosted by Teachers and Communities
    • Athletic Dodgeball Team
    • Vibrant Clubs
      • Choir
      • Dance
      • Drama
      • Art
      • Journalism
      • Photography
      • Home Economics