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Academic Programs

What a special Purim carnival Elementary School had. Bounce house, face painting, terrific booths. Don't forget the delicious cotton candy, popcorn, and slush! A special thank you to the Girl's High School for running the booths.
Mazel tov to our first grade on mastering their Hebrew reading and getting their own siddur! Their performance was beautiful, we are so proud of all they have accomplished. May we continue to see much nachat from them!

"Big Dreamers Make Healthy Choices"

Our Elementary School students focused on "Big Dreamers Make Healthy Choices" at our monthly assembly program. To generate a better understanding of making healthy choices in day-to-day living, each student brought in a vegetable from home, and prepared a delicious salad, together with their class. 

The students had a wonderful experience tasting all different types of colorful vegetables and enjoyed their tasty salads. We look forward to incorporating healthy habits and making healthy choices in their day-to-day lives. 

Rabbi Gavrielov taught the boys about  the beautiful mitzva of wearing a tallit. Rabbi German spoke to the class, they made a Bracha on the Tallit, five boys got to make the Bracha of Shehechiyanu, and then enjoyed a special lunch. 
Our fourth graders have reached another milestone. They will begin learning Mishnayot. Rabbi German spoke to the boys about this momentous occasion, then rabbi German and rabbi Gavrielov gave out the Mishnayot, it was followed by a special meal.
What a beautiful celebration BHI students had! Mazel tov to the families of our second grade on their receiving their own Chumash. May we continue to share nachat!