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Vicky Strobel. School-Based Speech Therapist NYC Department of Education


An experienced speech therapist with a career in the NYC public school system,  Vicky Strobel is amongst the thousands of accomplished BHI alumni who make their teachers proud.  Vicky was a student of BHI from 1991 through high school graduation in 2003. After graduating from Be’er Hagolah, Vicky spent her mornings studying in seminary in Queens while attending Brooklyn College in the afternoon and evening. Vicky graduated with a BA in speech language pathology and earned her masters in speech and language therapy in Brooklyn College’s graduate program. Vicky is a founding member of the presidium of the BHI Alumni Patrons Circle.  Vicky’s husband Elan is an established CPA with over 10 years of experience practicing all accounting functions within the apparel and creative Industries. Elan holds the position of financial controller for a national apparel brand and is the founder of Elan+Co, which offers external CFO services to various creative brands. 

In his free time Elan, together with his wife, are involved in various community events and hosting  guests for Shabbasim when possible.


Vicky Strobel


Here’s Vicky’s BHI story in her own words:

I absolutely loved my entire school experience in BHI! Even now, while we all pride ourselves on the accomplishments and growth we achieved by being able to send our children to Yeshivos and Beis Yaakovs alongside our frum neighbors, I wish my children could have the school experience that I had. The warmth, love and care that I felt and experienced, the joy of coming to school and never wanting to miss a day, was a school experience that few can understand and relate to. When we recently hosted BHI girls on shabbos and my kids heard their stories, they said “ ma- wow. You really went to a wonderful school. It sounds so special”. I thank all my teachers who made it special and have been there for me when I needed them. We Baruch Hashem, continue to stay in touch.  Ms Heilpern, especially, reaches out and makes sure the alumnae are connected and in the know.  I am honored to call myself a Be’er Hagolah girl, through and through, for it helped shape who I am today!