In 1979, a group of visionaries, under the leadership of our gedolim, Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky, z"tl, Rabbi Shneur Kotler, z"tl, Rabbi Avrohom Pam, z"tl, Rabbi Elya Svei, z"tl, and Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, z"tl, founded the Be'er Hagolah Institutes, to meet the educational, social, and spiritual needs of the flood of Jewish children from the former Soviet Union.  After a lifetime under Communist rule, these new arrivals entered the U.S. with little knowledge of Jewish history, traditions and perhaps faint recollection of practicing  their spiritual heritage. 
In 1989, ground was broken for the construction of the Caroline Zelaznik Gruss Educationl Center, donated by Joseph S. Gruss of New York and the Reichmann family of Canada, on land donated by the owners of Starret at Spring Creek. The building opened in 1992 to accommodate 800 boys and girls who were fashioning a new life with a strong Jewish identity.
Over the years, the school has graduated thousands of now productive members of Jewish American and world Jewish communities.