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Be’er Hagolah’s state-of-the-art campus serves students in 3K through grade 12, in  separate seven departments: Preschool, Boys Elementary, Shirley Gralla Elementary School for Girls, Boys Middle School, Girls Middle School, Boys High School, Martin Farbenblum High School for Girls .

Be'er Hagolah


Under the guidance of our great Rabbis, Be’er Hagolah maintains the core principles on which it was founded.  It remains a bastion of light to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about their beautiful and rich heritage.


With its dedicated, educated, and professional staff, Be’er Hagolah is an outstanding school, that takes great pleasure in the fact that it is more than just a school; it is a nurturing home that becomes a caring extended family. 


The high level of education that is provided in both the Judaic and secular studies is crucial to the growth and success of our students. Additionally, our extra-curricular programming develops the character of every student, building confidence and strength to withstand the challenges of today’s world. Art, athletics, music, and drama are supplementary components enhancing the growth of the whole child, providing every child the potential to reach deep within to develop the inner self.


Ninety eight percent of our students go on to universities and colleges and a large percentage go to learn in yeshivos and seminaries as well. Be’er Hagolah alumni emerge as dynamic leaders, with successful careers as doctors, lawyers, business and technical professionals, entrepreneurs and educators.  They are imbued with positive values and respect for themselves and others.