We endeavor to enable all of our students to excel both now and in their future schooling, by providing a foundation in the five domains. Our staff continuously assess our students' progress to gauge which areas they have mastered, in which areas they are progressing independently, and in which areas they may need assistance to achieve proficiency.
Engage in activities to build strong muscles and eye-hand coordination. Learn safe, healthy practices such as hand-washing and the importance of wearing seatbelts.
Social and Emotional Growth
Form positive relationships at home, school and in the larger community; for example, by learning how to express feelings, share and take turns.
Communication and Language Skills
Children learn to listen, tell stories, ask questions and communicate with others using more complex words in conversations.
Knowledge of the World
Learn numbers; count to 20. compare objects of various sizes. Understand and describe earth, space and living things.
While we work with your children in school to achieve these goals, there is much you can do to help them at home. Encourage your child to explore the world around them, make choices and interact with others. For more ideas on how to develop your child's proficiency, you can download New York State's "Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten" packet at