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Our focus in our curriculum is to help our students meet goals throughout the year to ensure that they are building their skills in the five domains. To be sure that our students maintain a steady pace toward their year-end Pre-Kindergarten goals, we:
Assess our students at the beginning of the year. We use an assessment system to see how proficient our students are in each of the five domains. Once we have ascertained at which level each individual student is, we use the Work Sampling System to track their progress.
Follow their progress with the work Work Sampling System. ​We use pictures, drawings and anecdotes to create a week-by-week snapshot of our students' progress. Every student has an online portfolio with dated and annotated pictures and drawings that our staff update regularly.
Tailor lessons to fit individual students' needs. Using the information that we accumulate with the beginning of year assessment coupled with our Work Sampling System, we build our lessons around each student. Our weaker students' lessons are bolstered by SEITs, and we challenge our gifted students with higher order thinking. We use activities to engage them in learning through play.