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Academic Sponsorship

How YOU can make a difference:


$18,000- Wedding for an Alumnus
Provide an alumnus with basic necessities for her wedding and help her build her new home.


$10,000- Annual Scholarship for High School Student
Provide a disadvantaged child with a superior education for one year.


$7,500- Annual Scholarship for Elementary School Student
Provide a disadvantaged child with a superior education for one year.


$5,000- A Year in Israel in Yeshiva or Seminary
Enable a graduate to spend a year of learning and growth in Israel.


$2,500- Bar Mitzvah Celebration
Provide a child with a Bar MItzvah.


$1,000- Summer Program/Camp
Provide a child with a fun-filled summer experience  in a Jewish environment. 


$750- Shabbaton
Sponsor a Shabbaton and give students an opportunity to experience a true Shabbat with Rebbeim and Teachers.


$500- Torah Tutor, Yearly
Provide a child with a Torah tutor.


$180- Extra Curricular 
Help a child achieve success through exciting extra-curricular activities. 


$_______ Other                                  Partner with Be'er Hagolah in impacting a child's life.

At Be'er Hagolah Institutes we strive to create and maintain an institution and facilities that are conducive to success.
Our budget is upwards of five million dollars. We receive a mere 10% of our annual budget from tuition payments. The rest of our funds come from the generosity of people like you who open their hearts to help our children and families succeed.
Despite our severe shortage of funds, we have never yet turned a child or family away due to their inability to afford tuition. We desperately need your help to continue our vital work. Please help us help our children so that we can continue to restore a generation of children to their heritage.
Thank you for caring. Your donation allows us to continue making a difference in the lives of our students and their families!
Support Beer Hagolah Institutes.

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