Girls' Middle School

As students are promoted to the Middle School, they continue an engaging Judaic studies program with a NY state-approved Common Core general studies high school preparatory curriculum. We focus on building skills and knowledge through multi-leveled, hands-on learning. We emphasize character and personal growth, cultivating a healthy understanding of social responsibility and Jewish identity. Both Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions are included in our program. Academic areas come alive and inspire our students through Shabbatonim, fairs, chagigot and trips. Our middle school offers a friendly, safe and supportive atmosphere where the girls can address relevant scholastic, social, emotGirls Middle Schoolional and moral issues of today.



    • Science and Computer Labs
    • Language and Science Fairs
    • Art
    • Physical Education
    • Holiday/Chagim Events
    • Shabbatonim and Retreats
    • Educational trips