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​​​​Be'er HaGolah: building future leaders​

An Outstanding Education is only the beginning.

Be’er Hagolah is more than just a school; it is a nurturing home to all and its dedicated and personable staff is a caring extended family. Be’er Hagolah provides a high level of education in both the Hebrew and Secular studies departments. Honors classes provide enrichment to gifted students, while resource rooms provide additional support to students. There is an opportunity for each child to reach his/her maximum potential.

Ninety eight percent of our students go on to universities and colleges and a large percentage of them go on to learn in yeshivos and seminaries whenever possible. All of this culminates in the graduates having successful careers as doctors, lawyers, business, and technical professionals, entrepreneurs, and educators. Above all, Be’er Hagolah alumni emerge as dynamic leaders imbued with positive values and respect for themselves and others, who give back to their communities.

Despite the high cost of private education, funding cuts, and the economic downturn, Be’er Hagolah remains unshakably committed to its founding core policy: no child is turned away because of financial reasons- ever. 

excellence in education

Be’er Hagolah Institutes maintains a campus serving students in grades Pre-K through twelve in four departments: an elementary school for boys, an elementary school for girls, a boys high school, and a girls high school.

About be'er Hagolah

Be'er Hagolah ensures a quality education for all students, in addition to giving them the tools necessary to succeed in life.